Mammoth Group: A fresh approach to online success.

A fresh approach to online success

Zero-risk and no setup costs

How fresh?

So you want a top-notch ecommerce website with all the latest features like live online chat, smart telecoms, social media management, analytics and on-going SEO? ...Gotcha!

And you don't want to pay for it unless it generates sales?

(Don't worry; we don't think you've gone mad. This is how we work. This is what we do.)

But that's impossible, isn't it?

Impossible? No, in fact it's quite simple...

Whether you're just starting out in business or you're looking to redevelop your existing website, you've probably had prices quoted for design, hosting, management, optimisation and a whole range of other things. Sometimes these prices are simply plucked out of thin air and it's difficult to compare the offerings if you don't understand exactly what you need yourself. Sadly, too many 'digital agencies' look for short term gains and the less you know about the web the greater the size of their quote (and their promises). But there is another way.

Mammoth Group works in partnership with your business, without the upfront costs or on-completion 'Thank you, now pay our invoice' attitude. Our work is never done and your website will never be a static object which ages quickly as your competitors catch-up. We develop, refine and redevelop your website constantly - from small updates keeping it secure to full-blown overhauls in design as trends and technologies change. You'll never have to pay us to 'add another page' or 'change some wording'.

So where's the catch? There must be a catch!

No catch. We share the success and you only pay on the results we generate - i.e. sales

You see, we don't (just) build websites, we build partnerships and we help you to grow your business. We take all the risk in building your website and run it from the ground-up (sales staff included if required) and in return you give us a percentage of your profits, but only on the sales we generate for you. Think of us as a commission-only sales team who do a lot more than just answer the phones when they ring.

Sounds like a no-brainer. Where do I sign-up?

Hold your horses you eager beaver!

Mammoth Group works with a variety of businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes across more sectors than you can shake a stick at. We're involved in everything from organic skin care, luxury sunglasses, national tool hire, surveying equipment, line marker paint, space heaters, telecoms, IT recruitment, carpet cleaner hire, accountancy services, office space and everything in-between - but we don't just work with any old "Tom, Dick or Harry". As we take all the upfront risk it's important that we truly believe in your company, product or service. It's also important that the partnership is a 'good fit'. It all starts with a friendly hello and quick chat to see if we're right for each other, so get in touch.

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